Which Place?

Read these descriptions and choose the name of the shop/store/place.

1. Where do you buy dogs?
    pet store
    animal house
    dog store

2. Where do you watch a film?
    film store
    video store

3. Where do you go if you are ill?
    aid center
    medical store

4. Where do you buy food and drink?
    super food store

5. Where do you buy shoes?
    shoe market
    shoe store
    feet store

6. Where do you buy paper, pens, envelopes, pencils, etc?
    stationery store
    pen and pencil store
    office market

7. Where do you borrow books?
    book store
    book depot

8. Where do you catch a bus?
    bus junction
    bus station
    transport station

9. Where do you buy stamps and send a letter?
    post office
    letter store
    post store

10. Where do you buy books?
    office store

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