Conversations where the subject isn't very clear!

After listening, decide what each of the conversations is about. Put the correct letter (A-I) into each box. There are FIVE letters you do not need.

Right click here for the mp3 listening file.

  • Trying to get subtitles onto a DVD.
  • Talking about a poor performance.
  • Talking about a road accident.
  • Trying to change the language on a DVD.
  • Waiting for a bus.
  • Finding out who robbed a bank.
  • Animals getting into the trash bins.
  • Preparing for a rare event.
  • Criticizing the organisation of an exam.

  1. Listening 1 is about .
  2. Listening 2 is about .
  3. Listening 3 is about .
  4. Listening 4 is about .
  5. Listening 5 is about .

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