Just, Yet, Already

Fill in the spaces below using either Just, Yet Or Already.

1. Don't come in here with those muddy shoes!! I have cleaned this floor!!!

2. Have you finished that composition for History class ? You only started an hour ago!!

3. I don't want to see "Alien 9" at the cinema again. I've seen it twice.

4. I'm sorry. You have missed Katie. She left the office about three minutes ago!

5. Haven't you finished that composition for history class ? You started over four hours ago!!

6. Oh, nothing for me, thank you. I've eaten. I had dinner less than an hour ago.

7. You've finished your dinner ! You must have been starving!

8. "Have you called Yasmin to wish her luck for the exam today?" "No, not . I'll do it now!"

9. Kathy knows all about pizza and pasta, don't you Kathy? You've returned from a month in Umbria.

10. Yes, I know David. We have been introduced. It was at a party last week.

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