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Site CD

We have sold hundreds of site CD's over the last couple of years. Now Lifetime, Gold and Silver Premium memberships allow you to also download this CD.

If you have already signed up for a Premium membership that includes the CD download, you can download it by going to the "Your Account" page where you will find the download link.

Why should I purchase what is already on the net for free?

  • Put straight onto home or school computer. Navigate around as if on-line.
  • Totally ad free. No banner ads, no pop-ups. Just like this and clean.
  • If you save each page off the net, you can't navigate around the site AND it would take you a month to save every page.
  • Money saved. No more unnecessary internet surfing. Materials to hand even far from a modem.
  • Have to reinstall your PC? Just pop CD back in afterwards.
  • Teach in places with no/uncertain internet connection? This is the answer.

Remember: the CD on offer with many of the memberships is an entire copy of the FREE site, not of the Premium site. If you want the Premium materials on CD, you would need to sign up for Lifetime Membership which includes our Premium eBook. More details on our Which Membership page.

Here is a copy of the site CD readme file text document for your information before you download the zip file.