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Elementary - vocabulary

Picture Vocabulary Worksheets

Gap Fill

Students write the correct word(s) in the space provided, using a photo as a prompt.

Picture Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 1

Picture Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 2

Picture Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 3

Cat And Dog Semantic Grid
Students build a semantic vocabulary grid to classify members of the cat/dog family and to learn how a semantic grid is made, useful for more advanced vocabulary later in their learning.

Special Days Wordsearches.

This section contains wordsearches that can be used for the vocabulary of special days such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ghosts and goblins.

Valentine's Day
Hearts and flowers.

Bonfire Night
Guy Fawkes and fireworks.

Turkey and pilgrims.

Reindeer and snow.

Earth Day - The Environment
Acid rain and pollution.

Lambs and Eggs.

English Proverbs

Want to teach your students English proverbs? Where there's a will there's a way! Click for our random proverb and definition

Verbs and Parts of the Body
Students categorise verbs depending on what part of the body we use to 'do' them.

Past Simple Multiple Choice Worksheet
Students choose the best past simple verb to complete each sentence.

Animal Wordsearch
Students have to find the names for animals. This page is in Word format.

Clothes Vocabulary
Students categorise clothes depending on what part of the body we wear them.

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Internet Vocabulary
Find the 10 words related to browsing the internet.

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