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Beginners - worksheets

Verb 'To Be'

'To Be' worksheet
Very simple gap fill exercise.

'To Be' gap fill worksheet
Another basic gap fill exercise using only the verb 'to be'.

'To Be' worksheet
Gap fill exercise and question formation.

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering Exercise
Word re-ordering exercise concentrating on the verb 'to be' and its correct forms.

'To Be' Sentence Re-Ordering Exercise
Answer Sheet
Another re-ordering exercise concentrating on the verb 'to be'.

"To Be" Question & Answer Match
Students match simple questions using "to be" with the corresponding answers.

'To Be' multiple choice
Simple multiple-choice exercise with students needing to choose between the different forms of the verb 'to be'.

Have / Has

Have / Has Worksheet
Worksheet on the choice between 'have' and 'has'.

"Have" Expressions Matching Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Matching worksheet to practice expressions with the verb 'to have'.

Have Expressions - Short Answer Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet that focuses on short answers to sentences that contain expressions using the verb 'to have'.

"Have" Expressions Re-Ordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students put words into the correct order to make sentences, all which have expressions using 'to have' in them.

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"Have" Expressions Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet where students must choose from a list of 'have' expressions to complete each sentence.

"To Be" or "To Have" Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct form of either 'to be' or 'to have' to complete each sentence.

There Is / There Are

'There Is' / 'There Are' Worksheet
Choose either 'there is' or 'there are' for each sentence.

'There Is' / 'It Is' Worksheet
Students can often have problems between using 'there is/are' and 'it is' and this exercise targets that problem.


Adjective Opposites
Students have to give the opposites to some elementary level adjectives, then use them in a gap-fill exercise after.

Possessive Adjective Matching Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students match sentence halves that all include possessive adjectives.

Subject or Adjective?
Worksheet that targets the his/he, she/her problem that many students have.

Possessive Adjectives Worksheet
Choose the correct possessive adjective (my, your, his, etc.) to fill the space in each sentence.

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