Personal ESL Trainers

Personal Trainer

The field of ESL for adults is booming. Even so, it is barely able to keep pace with the ever-growing needs of today’s world.

Registration for English courses at international language institutes (Wall Street, Berlitz etc.) is at an all-time high. Locally owned language schools and chains are mushrooming all over the globe.

Alongside all of this, ESL for adults is witnessing an exciting trend: The rise of the personal trainer.

Why do people prefer to hire a personal trainer rather than join a class?

For the same reason that the idea of personal trainers caught on in the world of physical fitness! Needs and abilities vary and one program cannot possibly encompass them all.

Both individuals and companies have realized that study time is far better utilized in 1:1 sessions. This is especially true in ‘conversational English’ courses where actual speaking time has to be shared with others. For this reason, many language institutes offer individual instruction programs.
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