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Upper Intermediate - vocabulary

Picture Vocabulary Worksheets

Multiple Choice

Students choose the correct word out of four choices, using a photo as a prompt.

Picture Vocabulary Multiple Choice Worksheet 1

Picture Vocabulary Multiple Choice Worksheet 2

Picture Vocabulary Multiple Choice Worksheet 3

Gap Fill

Students write the correct word(s) in the space provided, using a photo as a prompt.

Picture Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 1

Picture Vocabulary Gap Fill Worksheet 2 - British and American English

Foreign Words in English
Answer Sheet
There are thousands of foreign words in the English language - but where did they all come from? Students do a worksheet consisting of some of the most common foreign words in use today and classify them according to where they originated from. A good dictionary-use activity.

Vocabulary 1
Answer Sheet
General Upper Intermediate vocabulary with quite a lot of legal and education vocabulary.

Weights and Measures
Answer Sheet
Help students to live in a world far from their usual metric comforts. This type of exercise is vital for students living in an English-speaking country and facilitates a stress-free everyday life.

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Body Idioms
Answer Sheet
Students get practice with idioms related to parts of the body and also their definitions.

Vocabulary 2
Answer Sheet
General Upper Intermediate vocabulary with quite a lot of vocabulary pertaining to facial expressions, movements of the body and gestures.

Animal Idioms
Answer Sheet
Idioms connected with animals.

Musical Instruments
Answer Sheet
Students classify these musical instruments according to how they are played.

British or American English?
Answer Sheet
Students read sentences and decide if they are British or American English.

British or American Spelling Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students change the British spellings into American and vice versa. Good for raising awareness and deals with all the major spelling difference types.

Time Expressions Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Gap fill worksheet where students need to use the correct time expression to complete each sentence.

Semantic Grids

These vocabulary grids help students to think about the precise meaning of words that seem identical and to realize the small differences between them.

Verbs of Watching and Seeing

Verbs of Talking and Speaking