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How much do they pay in Jakarta? Do Americans need visas to work in Poland? Do you really need a degree to work in Japan? What are the best schools in Rio? Whether you want to be an English teacher in Argentina, Spain, Germany, China or America, this is the part of esl-lounge for you to find out about teaching English overseas.

We have divided all the information into different countries and continents for ease of use. Simply click on the continent that you are interested in below and you can then click to a particular country.

The key to this part of the site is YOU, the teacher. The information gathered together here is made up, for the most part, of tips, advice and warnings sent in by teachers 'in the field' in those particular countries.

We want you to send in information for countries you've taught in! Contact us and send in what you know today.

The Continents

North America
Canada, Mexico and The United States
South America
South America and Central America
The UK to Russia, Finland to Greece.
Morocco to South Africa
Middle East
Gulf States, Holy Land and Turkey
Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands
Central Asia, China, Japan and all of South East Asia Premium

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