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Elizabeth Shaner - July 2004

My name is Elizabeth Shaner. I am from Crystal River Florida USA. I currently teach grade 3. I have taught grades 5 through 12. I get to stay home with my children everyday and I am both mom and teacher. There isnt any negative aspects for us.

Homeschooling isnt for every family or every child. I do not get any type of assistance from the school district in regards to teaching pay or curriculum. they do however give all the support that they can. We go on field trips to the ocean and wildlife parks as well as a number of other places. we teach throughout the entire year since it is too hard to get started once we get stopped.

Pam Powers - May 2004

I am from Lompoc (pronounced lom-poke), California, US. Currently, I am teaching an ESL class out of my home for members of my church who would like to learn English. (It's a Spanish-speaking congregation.) The positive aspects of this job is the enjoyment I get from helping my friends learn English. I am in college working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and an ESL teaching certificate. Because of this "job" I have decided to become a Spanish instructor and also work with the local Latin community in offering another ESL class at more varied times.

The negative aspects are that the students seem to want me to just open their brains, so to speak, and poor the knowledge of the English language right in! Also, their commitment to learning and attending every class. Even though I receive no pay for this service, I am still enjoying it immensely. I have bought all the equipment I use, all the materials I have gleaned from the internet and used for creating a curriculum I print for the students' use at no charge to them.

Interested in getting into homeschooling??

Useful books on teaching in the home...

Jo Smith - May 2004

I am from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. I teach at several locations: Southern Theological Seminary where I have 32 students that I teach once a week for two hours. Catholic Charities where I have 20 students that I teach twice a week for four hours. I also teach at two local businesses. In one of these classes I have four student. The other class has twelve. The majority of my students are from Cuba. I also have a few from Bosnia, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, and Mexico.

I have so many positive experiences. I enjoy teaching ESL tremendously. I teach through the Adult Education system in our community. I wrote my own curriculum with the support of the staff at our public schools. I revise my lesson plans for each class based on their level of English, goals and interests.

As far as negative the only issue I have companies hiring me to teach their employees then not sending them to class.

As far as wages go, an ESL instructor working through the Public School Adult Education program makes about $22.00 per hour. We teach up to 20 hours a week. - First Stop for Your Second Language Needs
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