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Antonio Dancuart - June 2004

The positive aspects of your current teaching job: Highly motivated specially in this country in which everyone wants to learn English not only for travel purposes but also for work!. 5. The negative aspects: The country turmoil anarchy work against a country that have great possibilities.

Wages depend of the origin of teachers foreigners get more payment around 10-15US$ an hour depend on qualification mostly this country accept qualified teachers in UK or USA. and of course nationals with foreign degrees. Staff support very poor and is one of the target areas to develop. curriculum: fair another important task to do! Student motivation : Very High, outstanding. Accommodation is cheap by European standards and you can live comfortably with around US$2000 a month average.

Monica Terrones - October 2002

You will need a working visa to work in Peru. There are several Institutes where you can apply and if you are a native speaker you will definitely get the job. now, the pay is not great but is good according to Peruvian standards, besides you can have the chance of coming to Peru and visiting this wonderful country (Cuzco, etc, and get to know some of our culture)

Cesar Klauer - August 2002

English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme Peru is the local branch of the British Council`s ELTeCS list throughout the world. This local list boasts 770 members as of 6 August with an ever growing membership. Subscription is mainly directed to Peruvian teachers but we welcome colleagues from other countries to join us and be in touch with our TEFL scene. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to this address.

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