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Rossella Lospennato - May 2004

I am Italian but resident in Mombasa (Kenya). I am currently teaching freelance. Teaching English as second language to expatriates (mainly to ladies). Working from home.

The positive aspects of my current teaching job: Can organize my lesson at my convenience keeping in first place my family commitments.

The negative aspects: I am not British and English is not my first language. Even if I lived abroad for many years and my accent is good it would be difficult to get a TEFL job in this country (as English is L1 in any private school).

I got my TEFL certificate last year and so far my direct experiences are: My students are adults, all ladies. These are wives of expatriates working in the Kenya. They want to learn English for their everyday life: for shopping, telephone, to expand their circle of friends, to listen to the TV, to read basic news in the newspaper, etc.

All students are highly motivated and the total exposure to the language they are learning makes the progress quite fast. I am, of course, concentrating more on the communicative aspects of the language rather than grammar. After consolidating few basic grammar structures our lessons are in the "field":, for example: Let's go shopping (and we actually go shopping), etc. It's fun isn't it?

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