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Rosalinda - May 2004

I am teaching in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I teach English (for children, general English & conversation).

The positive aspects: getting to know about teaching method, how to handle a class & arrange the material, nice working environment (the atmosphere), average salary, more knowledge of English lesson, getting closer to students, more creative, dynamic (even if you teach the same thing again & again, but the students are different from time to time).

The negative aspects: the institution I work for sometimes don't have what we need as teachers to support the teaching, unsatisfied & unexpectable career, unsuitable topics (material), sometimes we find unmotivated students & they tend to speak in our mother-tongue(it has become a habit!!), too much "unproductive time" during working hours (because I work in an English course), got stuck with teaching ideas when the period of boredom comes, I'm not really able to handle difficult / bad seat class.

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