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Susan Stevens - October, 2003

Teaching English could be the best way to earn money while traveling through Australia and New Zealand. There are plenty of opportunities for English teachers in these countries. Australia and New Zealand has become the main destination for Asian students willing to learn English, as result there is a need for English teachers.

However, you'll need to have some kind of qualification, the best and fastest way to get this qualification money wise is doing the Cambridge CELTA course. You can go and do this course in Brisbane, Sydney or Wellington, once you complete it you will be already there and you will be able to start working as it shouldn't take you long in order to find some English teaching position.

Remember that the CELTA course is recognized internationally, after your time in Australia and/or New Zealand you could go and teach in places like Korea, China or Japan. The demand there for qualified English teachers is even higher and wages far more better.

Some tips to find the providers of these courses, just used a search engine as Google and search for the CELTA course in any of these locations. Good luck!

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