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Mr. F - May 2004

I am from Algeria. I am inspector of teaching English as a Foreign Language in charge of Middle School teachers in a district in the west of Algeria.

Amongst the positive aspects of my occupation are the excellent human relationships with my personnel and my colleagues. The negative ones are the salary, the standard of English of most of my personnel, the poor working conditions for me and my teaching personnel, frustration and lack of motivation on the teachers´ side to name but a few.

In Algeria, we are paid on a monthly basis. My salary is the equivalent of US $350. (I can hardly make both ends meet, given the high cost of living). Worse still for my poor teachers, their salaries range between $200-250.

The classes are overcrowded (up to 47 pupils).The syllabuses change constantly. Theoretically, the curriculum ‘looks nice´. But in practice it is not adapted to the Algerian context. We can do nothing to improve or as decisions are top-down.

I would greatly appreciate your help if you could provide me with information on the Competency –Based Approach to English language teaching for early beginners and intermediate learners ( both theory and practice). The newly designed syllabuses are based on the CBA. Most of the colleagues (inspectors like me and teachers alike) do not have a clear picture on the abovementioned approach. Please write to me to give me some information about this.

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Mourad Tahar - May 2004

Well, first of all I would like to thank the whole staff for their great work they do to provide teachers all over the world with easy, simple and plain lesson plans. I am from Algeria.I teach English in a public school in my home town called Ain Touta. I teach learners aged 13 and 16. Well, let me begin with the negative aspect. As a teacher I am in great need of materials, support and new ways to improve my learners. Thanks to the net because it is my only source of work. As for the positive aspect, I have very motivated learners. - First Stop for Your Second Language Needs
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