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Happy Hungry People - Transcript

Four people talk about where they like to eat.

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It's called 'The Knife and Talk' and it's very near the city center. At lunch it's full of office workers, but I like to go before that, in the middle of the morning. I go there and order big breakfast and take one of their newspapers and just relax for an hour or so. Their pancakes are delicious, with bits of apple and banana. Wonderful! They don't have a TV in there, which I love. They just have some jazz music, very quiet, nothing too loud.


My favorite restaurant? Oh, 'Lettuce Have Salad'. It's not really a restaurant, more a salad bar, but you can get pasta and that type of thing too. They have about a hundred varieties of salad, but I have my two or three favorites: lemon chicken salad, Turkish couscous salad and the one which the owner recommended to me - Russian caviar salad. A bit expensive, but worth every penny. Actually, I know the owner quite well as we've worked together in the past. So I can eat very healthy and have a chat at the same time. I probably go there once a week at least.


My favorite place to eat? Well it's not a restaurant at all really, just a very simple diner. There are only about six tables in there, a couple of waitresses wearing ugly pink uniforms. But the food is great, very tasty, traditional recipes and cheap too, which is important, of course. There are some truck drivers sitting at the counter drinking coffee and eating breakfast every morning. It's like the places you see in the movies. I always have pancakes in the morning and their fish pie for lunch is wonderful. That diner has been open for many years. There are old photographs of the diner on the wall, from the 1940s and 1950s. They say the actor James Dean ate there sometimes, but I don't know if that's true!


I live in Rome and there's a place called "La Fontana". They sell pizza, but it isn't round like normal pizza. They cut it into squares and serve it wrapped in paper. There are a few tables there, but they're usually full. It's a very popular place! Usually, I go there with my friends and we stand outside in the street eating the pizza. There was a traditional pizzeria there before, but they decided they can make more money selling pizza like this, and I think they were right. My favorite pizza from there is this one with four types of mushroom on it. Delicious!

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