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Matching Worksheet 9

Below, you will find descriptions of five people who want to buy an antique. And descriptions of eight different antiques. Decide which antiques would be the most suitable for the people below.


1. Helen, an amateur historian, is looking for an antique piece of pottery to add to her collection. She loves items with a bit of mystery and enjoys researching their origins.

2. Peter, a seasoned antique collector, is always on the hunt for classic furniture pieces. He has a particular interest in pieces from the Victorian era and looks for those in well-preserved condition.

3. Susan is a teacher who loves to collect vintage educational material. She is searching for a globe or a map from the 19th century for her classroom.

4. Jack adores antique musical instruments. As an orchestra conductor, he seeks an old violin or a similar piece with historical significance.

5. Anna appreciates classic literature and hopes to add an early edition of a famous novel to her library. She is looking for a well-preserved piece at a bargain price.


A. 'Vintage Compass': Navigational instruments like this 18th-century compass were invaluable tools for explorers. The compass's golden finish and detailed engravings reflect meticulous craftsmanship. The piece is more than a direction-finder; it's a connection to a time when the world was ripe for exploration.

B. 'Old World Globe': Offering a snapshot of the world as it was known in the early 19th century, this globe is as educational as it is beautiful. Detailed artwork and cartography attest to the skill and precision of the craftsmen who made it. It's a historical educational piece that would start a conversation in any room it's placed in.

C. 'Ancient Vase': This unique pottery piece is steeped in mystery, owing to its unknown origin. The distinctive markings hint at a rich, fascinating past waiting to be discovered. Its artistic value, combined with its historical significance, makes it a captivating piece for any antique enthusiast to own.

D. 'Vintage Violin': An 18th-century artefact, this violin embodies the spirit of the music from its era. The well-preserved piece showcases the finesse of the olden days' craftsmanship. Its rich sound and historical significance make it a perfect find for a lover of antique musical instruments.

E. 'Limited Edition Novel': This early edition of a renowned novel is a treasured piece for any bibliophile. The book has been preserved well, and it is as much a collector's item as it is an invitation to dive into the story it holds. It's the perfect find for someone who appreciates classic literature.

F. 'Victorian Chair': A stunning symbol of the Victorian era, this chair brings back memories of a time gone by. Expertly preserved, the craftsmanship is evident in its intricate detailing. It's an exceptional specimen of the period's furniture, making a perfect addition to any collection.

G. 'Art Deco Clock': Timekeeping meets style in this 1920s clock. Its design embodies the Art Deco aesthetic, characterized by geometric shapes and bold colours. The clock isn't merely a decorative piece; it's a working timepiece that can add personality to any room.

H. 'Classic Typewriter': This typewriter from the early 20th century is more than a machine; it's a piece of history. The keys and mechanisms, all in working condition, are a testament to the engineering ingenuity of the past. Its well-preserved state offers a tangible connection to the pre-digital age.


1. Helen ______
2. Peter ______
3. Susan ______
4. Jack ______
5. Anna ______

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