Advanced Level >> Conversation/Speaking Materials/Discussion Starter >> Practice of past modals of deduction (must have, can't have, etc). Student read a list of improbable situations and have to discuss what may have happened. Good collection of riddles and logic puzzles.

What happened??


There is a bird in a locked room.

A dead man in a diving suit is found in a forest.

Someone is found hanged from the ceiling in an empty room.

Hitler - personality or circumstance?

A fish is found on top of a mountain.

A lone man is found dead in a cabin on a mountain.  He died from an impact to the head. How?

A man jumps through a tenth floor window and survives.

A man walks into a restaurant. He notices that seagull soup is on the menu. He orders it and when it comes, he takes one sip, puts his spoon down, leaves the restaurant, and kills himself.  Why?

A man was up a 34 foot ladder and he fell off it onto the ground and didn't hurt himself, not even a scratch. Why?

Mary and John are lying dead on the floor.  The window is open and the curtain is flapping in the breeze. They are surrounded by water and broken glass.  How did they die?

All the students in the advanced level passed their exams.

A man pushes his car up to a hotel.  The owner of the hotel looks across at him and demands payment of $950.  Why?

A man is found dead in a field holding a piece of straw, What happened?

A man wearing nothing but a scarf is found dead in an otherwise empty room, the door is locked from the inside, there are glowing embers in the fireplace, there is a puddle of water on the floor. What happened?

A bear hunter leaves his house one morning to go hunting.  He heads out his door and travels 1 km due south.  He spots bear tracks and follows them due east for 1 km. He sees the bear, kills it and drags it 1 km due north and arrives exactly where he started, at the door of his house. What color was the bear? Premium

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