Around The Golf Course

Choose one golf-related word to go with each definition.

fairway (n)
green (n)
tee (v,n)
course (n)
swing (v,n)
rough (n)
sandpit (n)*
club (n)
golf cart (n)
putt (v,n)
par (n)
birdie (n)

  1. a piece of equipment you use to hit the ball.
  2. a large area of land on which you play golf, usually 18 holes.
  3. the required number of shots to finish the hole in regulation.
  4. one shot less than par.
  5. area of short grass on each hole. the easiest place to play from.
  6. a special car used to travel around the course.
  7. final part of the hole where you hit your ball into the small hole.
  8. area from which you play your first shot on each hole.
  9. action of moving the club at speed to hit the ball.
  10. area of long grass. difficult to play from here.
  11. area of sand on the course. difficult to play from here.
  12. the final shot(s) you play on a hole, usually on the green.

*sandpit also known as "bunker".

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