Time Markers

Put one of these words into each box.

After   Immediately   Afterwards   Before   As soon as   Finally   Now

  1. going to sleep, I like to read for half an hour.
  2. Call me you get to the hotel, OK?
  3. First we went to watch a film at the cinema. , we went to have a drink together.
  4. I didn't look at the answers until finishing the test. I didn't cheat!
  5. If you see this book on sale for less than ten dollars, buy it ! It usually costs nearly twenty.
  6. following Mrs. Jones for almost an hour, I saw her enter the restaurant so I came back to the office calling you, Mr. Jones.
  7. We looked in four stores before finding it in one very near our house!
  8. I don't want it in ten minutes. I need it !

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