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Vocabulary - Intermediate

Internet Vocabulary
Words related to the internet. Match the words with the definitions.
Exercise Number: 3V14

Internet Vocabulary Exercise
Now put the same words into these sentences.
Exercise Number: 3V15

Weights & Measures
What do we measure in furlongs? And what about acres, pounds and ounces?
Exercise Number: 3V16

Special Occasions
What do people say at weddings and graduation ceremonies?
Exercise Number: 3V17

Work & Leisure
Classify words such as "deadline", "pastimes" and "speech" into the worlds of work and play.
Exercise Number: 3V18

Both or Either? Neither!
An exercise to help you with these words that can often be confused.
Exercise Number: 3V19

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Verbs & Parts of the Body
Which part of the body do you associate each of these verbs with?
Exercise Number: 3V20

Political Vocabulary
Fill the spaces in these sentences with words related to politics.
Exercise Number: 3V21

Cinema Vocabulary
Match the definitions and the words related to the cinema and movies.
Exercise Number: 3V22

Musical Vocabulary
Match the definitions and the words related to the world of pop music.
Exercise Number: 3V23

In Case It Rains
Gap fill exercise to practice in case, provided, unless and whether.
Exercise Number: 3V24

Crime Vocabulary 1
Match the crimes with their definitions.
Exercise Number: 3V25

Crime Vocabulary 2
Now identify which crimes have been committed.
Exercise Number: 3V26

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Choose the correct prefix to complete the sentences.
Exercise Number: 3V27

One Word or Two Words?
Exercise to practice difference between maybe/may be, any way/anyway, etc, etc.
Exercise Number: 3V28

Tech Vocabulary
Exercise about vocabulary related to internet and technology.
Exercise Number: 3V30

Common Verbs: Get, Do, Make and Have
Use on of the common verbs in the correct tense to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 3V29


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