At The Department Store

A store assistant helping a customer.

Answer the multiple-choice questions below.

Right click here for the mp3 listening file.

1. How many times has the customer visited Everest Stores before?
    A few times.

2. Why is the customer buying a hat?
    Because she's going to her sister's wedding.
    Because she's going on vacation in New Orleans.
    It's not for her, but for her sister.

3. Why does she need a new toaster?
    Her old one doesn't work anymore.
    She needs a bigger one.
    Her children asked her to get one.

4. What will the customer get on the 4th floor?
    A small kitchen appliance and some information.
    A small kitchen appliance and a large one.
    A small kitchen appliance and a picture frame.

5. Why is she buying a DVD?
    For her sister's birthday present.
    Her daughter asked her to buy a DVD.
    As a present for her daughter's birthday.

6. Why does she decide to go to the 6th floor first?
    Because there's an escalator straight to the 6th floor.
    Because she has to buy something that is large and heavy.
    To get some more information.

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