Present Perfect Simple or Continuous

Choose either the Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous for each sentence. The verb you need is at the end of each sentence.

Only use contractions for negatives like "haven't" or "hasn't".

  1. I'm really tired. I since seven thirty this morning. (work)
  2. Alan at six schools in six years. He never stays in the same job. (teach)
  3. Janine since she left university in 1992. (teach)
  4. Miguel English for nearly two years. (study)
  5. This week he ten new verbs. (learn)
  6. I over 40 résumés but I still can't decide who to give the job to. (read)
  7. She can't still be thirsty! She three glasses of lemonade. (drink)
  8. How long professional baseball? (play)
  9. How many games ? (play)

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