Should or Shouldn't Exercise

For each sentence, write either should or shouldn't in the box.

  1. You leave your shoes here or people will trip over them.
  2. You turn the TV down. Your aunt is trying to work in the kitchen.
  3. If your foot is still causing you problems, you call my friend Jane. She's a chiropodist.
  4. Why did you say that? You think before opening your mouth!
  5. You take so much cash abroad with you. You take the risk of losing it and having to go without.
  6. Your mother is furious with you. You clean up your room more often.
  7. Have you seen the state of the neighbor's front garden? They let it get so messy.
  8. Don't let Misty up on the sofa like that! You tell him to keep off the furniture.

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