Present Perfect or Past Simple: George Richards, Film Maker

Complete the text. Use the present perfect or the past simple. Don't use contractions.

Film maker George Richards ( 1 - be) interested in the cinema since he ( 2 - be) a small child. He ( 3 - make) his first film when he ( 4 - be) just twelve years old. He is now almost forty and he ( 5 - make) thirty films. George loves travelling. His work ( 6 - take) him all over the world. He ( 7 - be) to Africa, India, Australia, China, the USA and South America. Last year, he ( 8 - visit) Russia for the first time. George is married to the singer Kathy Burke. They ( 9 - be) married for ten years. They live with their two children on the Greek island of Kos. They ( 10 - buy) a house on the island in 1987 and they ( 11 - live) there since then.

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