Present Perfect or Past Simple Worksheet 2.

Choose either the present perfect or the past simple to go into each sentence.

Use contractions where possible but only for negatives: haven't, didn't, etc.

1. How many times to the cinema this month? (you/be)

2. How many times to the cinema last month? (she/go)

3. I my first school. (like)

4. to Russia? (you/ever/be)

5. to Moscow when you were in Russia? (you/go)

6. Freddie Mercury an interesting life. (have)

7. Clint Eastwood an interesting life. (have)

8. I John today. (not see)

9. But I him yesterday. (see)

10. John Lennon ever go to Japan? (go)

11. Paul McCartney ever been to Japan? (be)

12. his homework yet? (he/do)

13. No, he still it. (not finish)

14. football when you were younger? (you/play)

15. baseball? (ever/you/play)

16. My life has been very sad because I in love. (not/ever/ be)

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