Time Expressions Gap Fill Exercise

Choose a time expression from the box to fill in each space.


1. my summer vacation, the weather was wonderful and I returned with a suntan.

2. Six years , Mike and I got married in Hawaii.

3. This area of New England is beautiful the winter.

4. I didn't see Rob yesterday because he was busy, but I saw him Wednesday.

5. we arrived at the Majesty Hotel, the tour guide was waiting for us.

6. My family is coming to stay Christmas, but only for two days.

7. We go to Paris summer because I'm a teacher and I get six weeks vacation.

8. July 4th, Susan's family usually has a barbecue in their garden.

9. I have to put the meeting back to Friday, because the room isn't available until then.

10. The next appointment we have is on the 24th, that's six days' time.

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