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Grammar Exercises - Advanced Level

Page 3

Advanced Quantifiers

Advanced Quantifiers Gap Fill Exercise
Choose the right word to finish each of these advanced quantifier sentences.
Exercise Number: 4G36

Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction
Each of these sentences contains an advanced quantifier structure. Are they correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 4G33

Advanced Quantifiers Error Correction 2
Each of these sentences contains an advanced quantifier structure. Are they correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 4G34

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The Town Of Most: Article Gap Fill
Read about this very polluted town and choose the correct articles for each space.
Exercise Number: 4G93

Despite, Although, etc

Contrasting Ideas
Look at these pairs of sentences containing the words despite, although, however, etc. Which one is correct?
Exercise Number: 4G60

Contrasting Ideas
Choose the best linking word to complete each sentence.
Exercise Number: 4G67

Relative Pronouns

Letter of Complaint: Relative Pronoun Gap Fill Quiz
Gap fill exercise. Read the letter of complaint and fill the spaces with the correct relative pronoun.
Exercise Number: 4G32

Relative Pronoun Gap Fill Quiz
Put the right relative pronoun. Think about if a relative pronoun is needed or not.
Exercise Number: 4G31


Subject / Verb Agreement Exercise
Sometimes, it's difficult to know if words like "everyone", "both", "either", etc use singular or plural verb agreement.
Exercise Number: 4G86

Subject / Verb Agreement Gap Fill
Gap fill exercise about subject/verb agreement.
Exercise Number: 4G88

The Politician's Letter - Linking Words
Practice of linking words such as "however", "because" and "therefore".
Exercise Number: 4G39

Verb Patterns Error Correction
Look at these examples of infinitive and gerund verb patterns. Are they correct or wrong?
Exercise Number: 4G21

John Lennon's Guitar: Preposition Gap Fill
Put in the correct prepositions in this text about the sale of John Lennon's guitar.
Exercise Number: 4G92


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