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Do some crosswords to help your English learning.

Just click on the crossword that interests you.

Very Easy

  1. Colors - Guess the colors.

  2. Irregular Verbs - read the infinitive and enter the past simple of each verb.

  3. Countries & Capitals - each clue is a country, each answer is its capital city.

  4. Simple Adjectives - complete each clue with a simple adjective.

  5. Mathematics - some practice at writing numbers in English.

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Medium Difficulty

  1. Hollywood Stars - two films are given as clues, who is the actor or actress?

  2. Nouns - look at the adjectives/verbs in the clue and write the nouns that come from the same word. e.g. intelligent --> intelligence.

  3. Money Money Money! - each answer relates to the world of money and finance.

  4. At The Airport - vocabulary you hear when you go on vacation by plane.

  5. House & Home - places and objects from around the house.


  1. Tools & Machines - read the clue and write in the correct tool or machine.

  2. British to American English - each clue is a British word, you write the American equivalent.

  3. Geography - every answer relates to rivers, deserts, the weather, etc.

  4. Sports Day - guess the sports from the clues given.