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Modal Verbs

Modal Verbs of Deduction Practice
Answer Sheet
More practice of modal verbs of deduction.

Past Modal Re-Writing Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students rewrite sentences to describe situations, using 'should', shouldn't', 'have to' or 'didn't have to'.

Modal Verbs of Deduction: The Titanic
Answer Sheet
Sentences about the construction and only voyage of the Titanic: students look for errors in the use of past modal verbs of deduction.


Inversion Structures Error Correction
Answer Sheet
Error correction worksheet to practice use of inversion structures such as "never have I", "rarely", etc.

Inversion Structures Multiple Choice
Answer Sheet
Multiple choice worksheet giving students practice of inversion structures.

Inversion Structures
Answer Sheet
A look at some inversion structures such as "Never have I...", "Rarely did he..." and so on.


Causative Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet to practice the use of the causative "have".

Causatives: Vacation Orders!
Answer Sheet
Exercise in which students practice causative structures and think about who provides services such as gardening, cleaning, etc.

Causatives: Text Messages
Answer Sheet
Students read text messages about repairs to a house - unfortunately, they've come through incomplete and garbled and students have to finish them.

Subject/Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Advanced Agreement Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Trickier subject/verb agreement.

Subject Verb Agreement Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Gap fill exercise which focuses on subject/verb agreement.

Verb Patterns / Gerund & Infinitive

Infinitive or Gerund?
Answer Sheet
This worksheet focuses on those verbs that can take both the infinitive or the gerund but with a change in meaning. e.g stop, remember, regret, try, etc, etc.

Gerund or Infinitive Error Correction Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Error correction worksheet focusing on gerund and infinitive verb patterns.

Gerund or Infinitive Re-Ordering Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students re-order words to make sentences using advanced gerund and infinitive structures.

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