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Intermediate - vocabulary 2

Sleepy Sleepy
Answer Sheet
Students use dictionaries to find out what sleep-related words mean, then use them to complete the blanks in a passage.

Cooking Vocabulary
Answer Sheet
A definition matching exercise with words associated with cooking. Can be used in association with a cooking lesson or studying recipes, etc.

Internet Vocabulary
Answer Sheet
With the internet gaining ever increasing importance in today's world, here is a vocabulary matching exercise to help students with English terminology.

Internet Vocabulary Worksheet
Answer Sheet
And here is a gap fill worksheet to give students practice with the vocabulary from the previous exercise.

Special Occasions Vocabulary
Answer Sheet
Put the vocabulary connected with special events or occasions in the right category: wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement, etc.

Health & Fitness Expressions
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct expressions to complete the sentences, then use them to tell the class about what they do to improve their health.

One Word or Two
Answer Sheet
Students choose between one/two word combinations such as 'any way', 'anyway', 'everyday', 'every day' and so on.

Suffixes Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Completion of common words with suffixes such as -ful, -less, etc.

Confusing Adverbs and Adjectives Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Practice of the difference between confusing adjectives/adverbs such as 'hard/hardly', 'fast' and 'late/lately'.

Which One Is Different?
Answer Sheet
Students choose the odd-one-out in a list of intermediate level vocabulary.

Colors and Shades Matching Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students match the names of colors with their finer shades.

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