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Pre-Intermediate - worksheets 3

General Tenses

John the Stuntman
Answer Sheet
Students fill the spaces with the correct verb form.

The Penguin
Answer Sheet
Story/Joke about a friendly penguin also giving practice of Pre-Intermediate grammar.


Article Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Fill in the spaces with either one of the articles or nothing if not required.

Indefinite Article Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct indefinite article (or no indefinite article) to complete each sentence.

Find The Indefinite Article!
Answer Sheet
Students must track down the indefinite article in each of these sentences. Where is it?


Quantifiers Gap Fill
Answer Sheet
Worksheet which concentrates on quantifiers and indefinite articles.

Quantifiers Question/Answer Matching Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students put questions and short answers together to practice use of quantifiers.

The Dangling Modifier

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Question Tags

Question Tags
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct question tags to put on the end of each sentence.

Question Tags - Worksheet 2
Answer Sheet
Second worksheet on questions tags.

Negative Question Tag Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct negative contraction to fill each space in the sentence.

Question Tag Sentences Re-Ordering
Answer Sheet
Sentences using question tags are jumbled up and students put the words into the correct order.

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Question Tag Multiple Choice
Answer Sheet
For each question, students choose the correct question tag out of three possibilities.


Like, Is Like, Would Like Worksheet
Answer Sheet
All these expressions with 'like' can be an absolute nightmare for many. With this worksheet, students are given either the question or the answer and provide the other.

"Like" As Verb & Preposition
Answer Sheet
Students re-order the words to make sentences using 'like' as a verb and preposition.


Preposition Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Sheet
To practice prepositions. Worksheet in which students fill in the prepositions.

Preposition Multiple Choice Worksheet 1
Answer Sheet
The correct preposition must be selected from three choices to complete each sentence.

Preposition Multiple Choice Worksheet 2
Answer Sheet
Another prepositions multiple choice worksheet.

Prepositions Re-Ordering
Answer Sheet
Sentences with prepositions are jumbled up and students put the words into the correct order.

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