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Pre-Intermediate - conversation prompts

The Perfect Teacher
To practice "should" and "shouldn't". Discussion starter in which students are asked for the characteristics which make up a perfect teacher, policeman, parent, etc. Also can be used to practice personality adjectives.

Cooking Survey
Answer Sheet
Students construct questions using prompts - and then use these same questions to interview their partners.

The Ages of Man
Partly a vocabulary activity, partly as a discussion-starter. Students classify words depending on what "age" they belong to.

Are You Busy?
Students complete the questionnaire to see how busy they are. The teacher can then develop this into a discussion on lifestyle and stress.

A Waiter Must Dress Well
Practice of job vocabulary and of "must" and "mustn't" to talk about the obligations of different occupations.

Where I live
Students form questions about where someone lives and then use the same questions to interrogate their partner about their home.

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Top Education Sites

Demi Moore Writes From The Heart
This was a letter I really received from Demi (!). Oh, and it can also be used to practice 'should' for advice and lead onto a general 'agony aunt' activity.

Fortunately, Unfortunately Stories
The first sentence of a story is given and students take it in turns to continue the story which swings from "fortunately" to "unfortunately"

Low Level Needs Analysis
This can be used primarily as a needs analysis activity or can be used to start a more informal discussion between members of the class about their aims for the course or year.