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Elementary - worksheets 2

Present Continuous (continued)

Present Continuous or Simple Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose either present simple or continuous to fill the spaces.

Present Continuous Positive and Negative
Answer Sheet
All the sentences on this grammar worksheet are in the present continuous but students have to select between positive and negative for each one.

Present Continuous Dialogue Completion
Answer Sheet
A dialogue between two friends is incomplete. All the spaces are in the present continuous and must be filled in.

Present Continuous: Spelling Errors
Answer Sheet
In these present continuous sentences, either the present participle or another word is mis-spelt.

Present Continuous Re-Ordering
Answer Sheet
Students put the words in the right order to make sentences with the present continuous.

General Tenses

Verb Gap Fill: general Level One Review
Answer Sheet
A general tense review. Students read a letter and fill in gaps using present simple, past simple and present continuous.

Past Simple - To Be

Was/Were Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet in which either 'was' or 'were' is used to complete each sentence.

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The Police Report
Answer Sheet
Where was everybody at 8pm last night. Students use the past of 'to be' to write a police report about everyone's whereabouts.

"To Be" Past - Question Formation Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Worksheet to practice formation of questions using the past of the verb 'to be'.

"To Be" Past and Present Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose either the present or past form of the verb 'to be' to complete each sentence.

"To Be" Past Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose either the positive or negative form of the verb 'to be' in the past.

Past Simple

Spelling Of Past Simple Regular Verbs
Answer Sheet
A worksheet that works on problems many students have with the spelling of regular past simple verbs such as 'walked' and 'cried'.

Past Simple Spelling Worksheet
Answer Sheet
Students choose the correct spelling for a selection of mostly irregular verbs.

Past Simple Regular and Irregular Gap Fill
Answer Sheet
Past simple gap fill using both regular and irregular verbs.

Tom's Day Yesterday
Answer Sheet
Past Simple gap fill worksheet.

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