My name isn’t really Gillian

Ninja GirlWhen Neil asked me to do some writing for the new blog (which looks great, by the way), I asked I would be limited in what I could write about? “No, no censorship here,” he replied. So I decided I would feel freer posting as someone else.

As Gillian, I wouldn’t feel bad about ratting out my pervy DoS or pervier boss (both thankfully in the past). As Gillian, I wouldn’t allow guilt to stop me admitting affairs with students (only one, and he’s now my husband) or anything of that type. I don’t have anything that scandalous to say, to be honest, probably nothing more than the average journeywoman ESL teacher, whether in Sydney or Sydenham (I’m not from Sydenham, but I went there once on a school trip when we found a dead cat near the coach station) Gillian is a brave blogger, I think, certainly one more willing to stick her head above the parapet compared to the real me. I don’t see it as cowardice, more “liberating”.
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