My name isn’t really Gillian

Ninja GirlWhen Neil asked me to do some writing for the new blog (which looks great, by the way), I asked I would be limited in what I could write about? “No, no censorship here,” he replied. So I decided I would feel freer posting as someone else.

As Gillian, I wouldn’t feel bad about ratting out my pervy DoS or pervier boss (both thankfully in the past). As Gillian, I wouldn’t allow guilt to stop me admitting affairs with students (only one, and he’s now my husband) or anything of that type. I don’t have anything that scandalous to say, to be honest, probably nothing more than the average journeywoman ESL teacher, whether in Sydney or Sydenham (I’m not from Sydenham, but I went there once on a school trip when we found a dead cat near the coach station) Gillian is a brave blogger, I think, certainly one more willing to stick her head above the parapet compared to the real me. I don’t see it as cowardice, more “liberating”.

I have no tight schedule to keep to on this blog. My remit is “occasional, interesting posts”. I’ll have no problems with the first adjective, the second might be tougher. I’ve never written about teaching before and I’m really looking forward to the challenge – there aren’t enough female ESL bloggers around, that I’ve seen.

So please look out for my first real post and go easy on me, give me some latitude, remember I’m the new one in class and if all else fails and you consider what I write to be lame and trite, well, blame it all on Gillian.

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